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AKF – Arbeitskreis stranger in town


logo[1]In addition to the activities of the town of Willich the Working Group foreign in the city Willich E.v.. working with volunteers committed in refugee help. A day before German courses are there priority- or. the afternoon offered. Also operates the AKF e.V. a closet. Link:

Seite_bearbeiten_Fluechtlingshilfe_Portal_fuer_den_Kreis_Viersen_WordPress_-_2016-07-12The Initiative LOT serves the residents of North Rhine-Westphalia as an honorary- Initial intake facility at the railway str. 29 in Willich and also there operates a ' venue ' in the old chapel of the hospital. Kontakt: 0176/52948464 Ms. Dorothee reason or wife Andrea Grieco