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Deportation is effectively inhibited in vocational training

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By the most 31. July 2016 Integration Act into force entered the situation for tolerated has become, taking up a training, improved. You now have a claim, to stay for the duration of the training in Germany.

  • Refugees with a down combines asylum may not be deported, If you want to start a vocational training or continue.
  • Employers have no longer to worry about, their apprentices who had fled to Germany to be deported in advance.
  • Cancels the lesson, get a six-month stay toleration migrants once, to seek a new apprenticeship. The residence permit may be revoked, If the employment relationship is dissolved, or the foreigner commits an intentional crime. After completion of training, a two-year residence permit is granted according to the residence Act, so that the profession can be exercised.
  • In addition to extended tolerance for six months, When the training is completed and the is tolerated on the search for a job, Qualifying match. If the person six months after the successful completion of the training has found an appropriate job, He/she has right to the grant of a residence permit according to § 18a ABS. 1a stay at law for a period of two years.


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On this table you can see the legal options depending on the status of refugees.

Training tolerance



The administrative court Arnsberg has an express decision by the 29. September 2016 the immigration authorities of the city of Hamm pledged, a rejected, Albanian asylum-seekers, Provisional a toleration, to grant including a work permit for a company training.

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VG_Arnsberg_29. 9.2016



Still an identical ruling from Baden Würtemberg


VGH Baden-Württemberg




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