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Receive rejection notices and threats of deportation? What now?

Informed of this information booklet, Which one
People offer opportunities, the in the
Asylum procedure a rejection notice (Negative-
Decision) by the Federal Office for migration and refugees (BAMF) have received and defend themselves, however, want to.
Is at the Centre of this leaflet dealing with so-called substantive rejections, the "simple rejection" of the application for asylum, as also the rejection as "manifestly unfounded" fall under diesowohl. Again and again it comes however to confusion with a second refusal form, arising from the formal competence of the BAMF, the asylum procedure at all perform (so-called "Dublin"cases and in cases, where the person international protection has already received in another EU country). Therefore, also the type of the formal decision will be at the beginning of this booklet- dung briefly explained.
The brochure informs also about appeal, that can be lodged against rejection notices as well as their respective deadlines and special features. In addition she informed, which other place right- and Duldungs- Consider the possibilities can be considered, If the person of an indisputable negative decision in the asylum procedure is exposed. At the end of the booklet, you will find a collection of options for further action, a (looming) Deportation, if necessary, to prevent.


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