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Arrived in Germany and need help

We got here !

We feel like we are in our new home in Germany

But for us there's so much to discover, and life here is quite different

As soon as you feel it.,Register your personal information and send your picture to us in our llraaitk

In this way you will find

Help school children jobs

Help fill out forms authorities

Housing search assistance

In the job Center appointments( Algob Center)

Assistance in Refugee Affairs Department(Alaoslndr)

Help when you need a doctor

Help you manage phone calls

In all the talk of the nation and people,Approaching knowing more to Germany

Pate Exchange is currently under construction

The Godfather Exchange
allgemeine Unterstützung

The Godfather Exchange
Apartment search
Hier Klicken

The Godfather Exchange
Job search

The Godfather Exchange
Kinder u. School care

The Godfather Exchange
Authorities and administration