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Computer connected to the Internet via mobile phone

Computer connected to the Internet via mobile phone

You have a computer but don't know how to connect to the Internet?

We have found for you the solution.

You can now connect your computer to an open Wi-Fi network.

Or connect your computer to the Internet, activated on your device

We would like to show you how to process

Connect the mobile phone to the computer via a cable

Entering into "Settings" In the phone


Then press the "More

And then press the "Contact Web

Finally, choose"Restricting USB "and will then contact

To the Internet automatically

German short version

  • With USB tethering can you connect your computer to the Internet
  • To do this, you need the above cable
  • Go on your phone in the "Wi-Fi and hotspot" there you will find the entry Tethering
  • Enable tethering and already you're connected to the Internet

No matter how you receive the Internet with your mobile phone (WiFi or SIM card ) the connection works beautifully. A competitive LTE contract with 2 Provides Gigabit Gong star for €15 and all the other offers.