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تفاله در راین پایین: چند افراد مبتلا روزانه

El فیرزن the doctors in the area in the region in increasing the number of scabies infection. Skin experts say 4 Up to 5 There is a new patient every day. This is not a fatal disease, but it is easily transmitted from person to person. This is provided by ticks that nest on the skin and can be created in. Irritated skin and itching badly, leading to scratching and itching skin. Doctors will be able to spread because the current name is GAL. They say anyone can be affected is certainly nothing to do with the increasing number of asylum-seekers there. Here is some information about scabies treatment is:

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      • Scabies is easily cured with success!
      • In any case, consult your dermatologist! A list of dermatologists at the end of the page could not be found.
Instructions for Scabies Treatmentتنبيهات بخصوص علاج الجرب
راهنماي معالجه گال (اسکابیز)Therapiehinweise zur Scabiesbehandlung


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General map of dermatologists in the region فیرزن

  • MU Dr. (CS) Veronika Steiner and Dr.Birgit Merdausl, Skin doctor · Willy-Brandt-ring 29 – Viersen – 02162 – 255 55نحن نتكلم العربية
  • Mrs Dr. Med. Marianne Sütunu, Skin doctor · Moselstrasse 23 – Dülken
  • Skin medical practice Dr. Schneider, Skin doctor · Flyover 57 -Nettetal
  • Dr. Med. K. Meet & Colleagues, Skin doctor · St. Huberter str. 25 – 47906 Kempen
  • Brigitte effective Pelss, Skin doctor · Schageshofstrasse 4 – 47877 Willich
  • Dr. Med. Claudia Bala Krutmann, Skin doctor · Castle Street 12 – 41844 Wegberg