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The district Viersen consists of 9 Cities and municipalities, in which to many organizations, Strongly engage associations and networks for the refugees.
This portal wants to show all important and useful regional as well as national information and offers, to make accessible easily around her in this way all refugees and volunteers.
The page is constantly being updated

  • You will find in the menu above supraregional information and notes.
  • In the menu at the left the information about the individual locations are listed.trennung600Refugee aid paradox

At this point, we report about abuses of the refugee in the bureaucratic process and problems Ehrenämtler the dedicated in Germany. We want to show you, as aid to refugees not should be, in the hope of, to be able to remove the trouble out of the way by public interest. The posts can be commented. Click here to readtrennung600The page is from me 1.9.2018 switched off, except when I find a successor

Handarbeitstreff for women of from various countries of origin
Sewing + Knitting + Crochet and learn German

Opening on Wednesday the 21 March 2018 at 15, 00 h

Then we meet all 2 Weeks on Wednesdays from 15, 00 h until 17, 00 h
in the Evangelical Community House in Nettetal, Loetscher way 1

A cooperation of Evangelical KirchengemindBracht e / Nettetal and the hand work team of the dresses- and donation camp "from hand to hand" Heath Baldus, Angela Miller, Sue Wolfgan and Ina before Jacob forward to you

allgemeine_konversation_pdf_-_2016-05-23Current events in the District of Viersen:

Video application for asylum in 10 Languages


Notes and Links on the subject of refugees and migration the District of Viersen
Nettetal - Willich - Brüggen - Grefrath - Schwalmtal

PSZ network

The psychosocial centres for refugees and torture victims

Guide for refugees | Guide for refugees | معلومات للاجئين الجدد في ألمانيا

Fig. 1

The DLRG put the bad rules in 23 Languages as PDF to the print available

WDR-for-you-teaser-100 ~ _v gseaclassicxl[1]
WDRforyou listings for refugees in four languages

معلومات مفيدة للاجئين بالعربية

اخبار، گزارش و سرگرمی برای پناهجویان به زبان فارسی

Funkhaus europa

Companies of Arabic

PCWe have to restore computer.
Workstation with monitor 17 + 19 "
HP ProLiant DL360 G4p 2 x Intel Xeon 2,80 GHz, 4 GB RAM
The computers are used and will be issued to refugees and Bedürftigte. We use Linux as Operating system

Levy also to other refugee volunteers in the District of Viersen

Pick up here

Abwab, the first Arabic newspaper
in Germany


NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA. BANK opens support program
for recognised refugees

We we report about the possibility of loans to 25.000